What is Grimoire

Grimoire is a large size deck box that was designed to store and organize all your cards. We have designed the Grimoire to adopt the look and feel of a spell tome so it fits perfectly to the theme of our beloved game – Magic the Gathering. Grimoire was conceived because we were dishearten by the fact that we are still storing our valuable collection in the white cardboard tube boxes. Our cards deserve so much more and we want to build the best storage for them.

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Capacity of the Grimoire

  • Store 1000+ cards without sleeves
  • Store 800+ cards with double sleeves
  • Store 8 Commander / EDH decks
  • Store 10 Ultra-pro 75 cards standard deck boxes
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Now for the technical inclined

Weight: 3lb
Width: 9.8″
Length: 9.4″
Thickness: 3.5″
Material: engineered wood

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  • grimoire_gdb001_400x249

    Alpha Edition Grimoire Deck Box

    This is the inaugural edition of the Grimoire Deck Box. It is our first attempt in making a deck box to look and feel like a spell book.

  • Beta Edition Grimoire Deck Box

    This is our second generation design. We have improved the manufacturing process, and brought in addiction decorative elements such as the metal book corner. It’s a tribute to the blue color and it has a nautical theme to it.

  • 5eBYtD4

    3rd Edition Grimoire Deck Box

    We are ready to release our 3rd edition Grimoire soon. Stay tuned to get the latest update on the product.

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