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Grimoire Deck Box

The most stylish card storage for your prized collection

Grimoire Deck Box

Beta Edition Grimoire Deck Box continues the legacy of the Alpha Edition Grimoire Deck Box, and it is arguably the most stylish way to store your prized Magic the Gathering collection. Inspired by the Gods from the recent Theros Block, the Beta Edition Grimoire Deck Box features Greek themed cover art that makes it look and feel like an ancient powerful spell book. It is an essential companion for any EDH and Cube players, or any serious MTG collectors.

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Style is a Choice

You can choose from the two distinctive yet subtle styles of Beta Edition Grimoire

Best Storage Space for Your Card

You need to store 1000 cards? Need space for your Cube? We got it!


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Artistic Design for Stylish Magic Collectors

We loved Greek Mythology and we loved the recent Theros block. Our team has created the Beta Edition Grimoire Deck Box based on the elements you would find in Greek Mythology. The Greek decorative elements harmonize with the ancient and mythical theme of magic. This makes Beta Edition Grimoire a must have for anyone is serious about their game and appreciates the artistic of it.


The emblem is a tribute to the bident in Greek Mythology


White or gold motif to match your own taste


Blue background cover with reference to the wave in the Ocean


Greek god imagery in the back side for good measure

Karma DiceGrimoire Deck Box